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Inside Titleist Ball Plant III, New Bedford, MA

What makes a good golf ball? I bet if you asked people on the street you would get a lot of different answers.

In September 2019, I was on my trip to Boston and I had to stop by and visit the Titleist Ball Plan 3 in New Bedford.

Titleist golf ball manufacturing goes back all the way back to 1935 when the Acushnet Company unveiled the first ball with the Titleist script. The inspiration to make a better golf ball even goes back decades earlier. It’s an interesting story that still drives the search for unmatched quality that permeates every aspect of ball manufacturing at Titleist.

(There’s a Golf Channel segment at the bottom of this post which beautifully tells the full history.)

I'd like to thanks the Titleist & FootJoy Team for this AMAZING Day I will stop writing and let you guys check my video below and register for your own Tour !

Truly an Eye-Opening Experience ! We Can NEVER EVER Blame The Golf Ball AGAIN

I recommend to everyone around to check this place out ! Just go on www.titleist.com and register for a tour !

Enjoy the VIDEO