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Inside Titleist Ball Plant III, New Bedford, MA

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

What makes a good golf ball? I bet if you asked people on the street you would get a lot of different answers.

Titleist has offered tours of its famed Ball Plant III in New Bedford, MA for years, usually for Tour players, PGA Pro’s and select customers only. This fall Titleist opened the doors to the general public, provided of course those members of the general public also belong to Team Titleist (You can join here : )

Titleist golf ball manufacturing goes back all the way back to 1935 when the Acushnet Company unveiled the first ball with the Titleist script. The inspiration to make a better golf ball even goes back decades earlier. It’s an interesting story that still drives the search for unmatched quality that permeates every aspect of ball manufacturing at Titleist.

(There’s a Golf Channel segment at the bottom of this post which beautifully tells the full history.)

The program starts with a brief video on the history of Titleist. For a company with a fairly stodgy reputation, the video has some laughs.

Some facts and figures shared during the intro:

  • Ball Plant III makes ProV1/ProV1x (AVX is also made here)

  • Ball Plant II is nearby and makes 2-piece balls – NXT, NXT Tour, Velocity, TruSoft, and Pinnacle – for worldwide distribution

  • A third plant in Thailand makes ProV’s for the Asian market

  • Ball Plant III runs 3-shifts, 24-7 with 450 employees, producing 300,000 golf balls a day

  • The ProV1 goes through 90 in-process quality checks; the ProV1x goes through 120, due to its dual-core construction

  • Average employee tenure at Ball Plant III is 21 years; the longest tenured employee started in 1965

Ball Plant III is one of the few factories in the world capable of making cast urethane golf balls. Not only is the process fairly complicated, making the cover molds – with specific dimple patterns – is also complex.

So, is a visit to Ball Plant III worth your time? If you live nearby, it’s an absolute no-brainer. If you’re planning a Cape Cod golf vacation or visiting Boston or Providence for business or pleasure, New Bedford is an easy side-trip, and the 90-minute tour leaves you plenty of time to visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

I'd like to thanks the Titleist & FootJoy Team for this AMAZING Day I will stop writing and let you guys check my video below and register for your own Tour !

Truly an Eye-Opening Experience ! We Can NEVER EVER Blame The Golf Ball AGAIN

I recommend to everyone around to check this place out ! Just go on and register for a tour !

Titleist doesn’t allow cameras on the factory floor, and you have to leave your cell phone in a locker. But I could get you a short video !!!

Enjoy the VIDEO

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