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Testing The New JuCad Ghost Titan Manual Edition

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What I Love :

  • Very compact - can fit in the smallest sports car trunk or even travel together with your golf clubs in a travel cover

  • The effortless transportation of golf gear.

  • Light-weight composite Titan frame

  • Height adjustable handle bar

  • Wheels with interchangeable air-cushion tyres

  • The engravement

Hightech Manufacture with tailor-made Craftsmanship

Over the past 40 years the Limburg-based JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH & Co. KG has successfully positioned itself on international markets with its luxury trolley brand JuCad. With their JuCad branded products, this innovative company with a long tradition quickly established themselves in the luxury segment. This German golfing success story began in 1988 (When I was born actually) with the first detachable designer stainless steel golf trolley with 3-spoke wheels.

So Stoked to announce JuCad as my new sponsor.

More than just a golf cart! This titanium motorless cart is ultra light and is characterized by its elegance and robustness. Equipped with four ball bearings, the large, quick-release wheels offer the greatest ease of movement.

Disassembled, the cart can even be put together with a golf bag in a travel bag, being the perfect companion for golfers traveling by air. The height-adjustable handle makes it possible to pull or push the trolley, particularly sparing the back, your muscles will remain relaxed. This cart has no weight limit and is also suitable for the heavy golf bags of professional golfers.

The elegant lightweight titanium trolley can be folded flat in a matter of seconds. The sturdy, ergonomic T-handle and the height-adjustable handlebar allow for ambidextrous handling of the trolley ensuring precise, fast and direct steering and a stable and reliable driving experience. Very convenient: the T-handle features a tilt-adjustable umbrella holder. The robust trolley is easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable for any bag size and weight. Sporty and lightweight, the JuCad Ghost push trolley offers maximum comfort with minimal effort for a relaxed game.

Technical details :

  • trolley made of high-quality titanium

  • simultaneous fixing of height adjustable handle bar and upper bag support with practical butterfly handle

  • T-handle for a stable and reliable driving experience

  • extraordinary two-spoke wheel rims

  • suitable for any bag size without weight limit

  • foldable and rotatable upper and lower bag support

  • extremely robust free running high-tech wheels

  • wheels with air cushion suspension, interchangeable tyres

  • choice of several wheel and tyre colours at no extra cost

  • flat packing size due to innovative folding technique

  • packing size 67x58x13 cm

  • umbrella fixing system with tilt-adjustment for JuCad umbrella

  • weight frame and wheels 4.9 kg (11 lbs)

  • incl. handle protector

Click JuCad Ghost Titan Manual

Unboxing Time - ENJOY :-)

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