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Always On Time With The New TAG Heuer Golf Watch

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So Proud to Wear TAG Heuer Colors and reveal the New TAG Heuer Golf Edition !

As you can see, this watch looks dope and it’s much more wearable than the first Carrera Connected, despite sharing almost the same size case.

  • Gorgeous box and presentation

  • Luxury materials and build quality

  • TAG Heuer Golf app is useful and quite fun

  • Processor is fast and power efficient

The watch comes with a white rubber strap inspired by the dimples of a golf ball and comes with an extra black perforated rubber strap that's easy to swap in or out. A divot tool, white leather travel pouch, four branded tees and three branded golf balls are also included.

The device's titanium case and rubber strap weigh about 86 grams, or a little less than the weight of two golf balls. It measures 45 mm in diameter and is 13.5 mm thick.

TAG Heuer Golf App

The TAG Heuer Golf app is the result of 18 months work, following the acquisition of a French golfing app startup. It’s arguably one of the best and most useful golf apps you can get. It uses GPS on your phone or watch and special vector technology to pinpoint where you are on a course.

The TAG Heuer Golf app has precise mapping of over 40,000 courses accessible on the smartwatch or a phone. The watch displays 2-D interactive mapping, while the app provides 3-D renderings on a phone for more detailed views of the course.


Regarding the battery life, TAG Heuer advertises 20 hours for a Connected Golf Edition smartwatch in normal use. But playing golf is not considered normal use. When the Golf app is activated, the GPS zaps 12% of power per hour. So if you're slotted for an 18-hole, four-hour golf outing, you're going to use up about half your battery life.


If you want a smartwatch that looks like a traditional TAG Heuer with a Golf touch, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition 2020 fully delivers.

The included watch faces are great, while the new Golf app shows a great potential.

It's difficult not to like the new TAG Heuer Golf Connected.

To me it's probably TAG Heuer's most accomplished smartwatch to date.

It is a good looking watch with the appearance of a modern chronograph and with powerful software. I love the look and enjoy the functionality.

Well done TAG Heuer !

The Tag Heuer Connected Golf edition starts at $2,550 and is available at

Facts and figures:

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Golf Edition 

Diameter:  45 mm

Thickness:  13.5 mm

Weight:  Titanium case and rubber strap: 86 g 

Water resistance:  5 ATM

Battery:  430 mAh all-day battery

Battery life:  All-day standard use (20 hours including a 1-hour workout), 6 hours of sport use (using GPS, HR and music)

Charging time: 100% in 1.5 hours at a temperatures of between 15° C and 45° C 

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon WearTM 3100

Connectivity: BT SMART, WiFi


Display: OLED display 1.39" 454×454 pixels (326 ppi) 

Navigation: With touchscreen or crown and pushers 

more details :


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